August 1, 2018

Yes, I am back again, ranting about me again. I have been dealing with many personal issues and I have been taking steps in order to improve this.

One of the things I wanted to share is that my US Visa application is rejected. I wanted to visit the US (especially NYC) for at least once in my lifetime. The reasons for rejection is known to me. I’ll re-apply again sometime later but this time, I can’t go to the States. No worries. Why should I worry about it anyway? Years ago, I never actually planned (but dreamt) of visiting the states. So, it is just a part of my life activities.

Also, I might travel to some other place just because I like it.

There are some personal issues I have been dealing with and I think I am improving it. Just some takeaways from previous days:

– Be what you are. If you are changing yourself just because of some negative things a person or situation has done to you, please undo it.
– If it is a good change and if you are doing it willingly (like focusing on your fitness and career goals), it’s great, carry on!
– Don’t be alone and overthink (I know the later is hard) but you need to stop it right away. Keep yourself busy. Read something, it is actually one of the best things you can do to make yourself better. (Of course, read something good, not the hate and fake news).
– Here’s what I am currently reading (yes, there are multiple titles):

1. The power of habits.
2. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck.
3. The prophet.
4. The animal farm.

Let’s see when I’ll complete these. So, this is what I wanted to rant about it. Any discussions about this is completely welcome.

April 8, 2018

Nobody knows what I’m going through. I just want to talk to somebody in this busy life. Listen to me. Don’t judge, don’t advice, don’t act. Just listen to me. That’s what I ask for. This phase of life is difficult for me. Please, just listen.

Just listen to these songs.

I want to share the songs going on my mind all the time, and I’m playing them recurringly. Here are these songs:

  1. Dazed and confused – Led Zepellin (especially the live version from the song remains the same).
  2. Shine on you crazy diamond – Pink Floyd.
  3. Hey you – Pink Floyd.
  4. Love of my life – Queen.
  5. Dumb – Nirvana.
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.
  7. Imagine – John Lennon.
  8. The man who sold the world – Nirvana.

God bless these songs and the bands. They have been really helping me especially when my mind is in the state of bedlam.