Hello everyone, I just had an idea to compare Hosting & Domain  name with real life things. It’s for those people who have difficulty understanding these terms.
Coming on to Hosting, it can be compared to a piece of land. Yes, exactly, a plot basically. Where you can do anything. The essential thing you need to build a home, apartment, shopping mall, hospital, etc. You need a land to build it. That is similar to what Hosting is. It lets you organize all your files of wether your personal homepage or your shopping website or a social networking website, etc. You need to buy a land from its owner. In case of hosting, you need to rent it from server owners (let’s accept the fact either you build your own server, which will cost you a fortune, or rent someone else’s storage space). You can build anything you want according to given space.
Now you need an address. An address for a building, be it a hospital, shopping mall, your house, etc. Similarly that website of yours, needs an address. That address can be compared to Domain Name of the Website. For example, you might ask your cab driver to take you at a particular hospital. Same way, your browser takes you to particular website by just telling the address.

It’s a computer world, so everything is relative. If you change your Hosting/Server, your Domain name will point it accordingly.
Well that’s just comparison and not the exact philosophy of Domain Names and Hosting. But I guess you guys have got an idea what exactly these terms are.
I wish you all Happy Coding.
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Thank you.

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