So, we had our first ever WordPress Meetup in Kanpur at My Apartment. Well, it was fun. There were few people who attended it but yes, it was the first meetup and I see much energy and potential in the community and I believe the Kanpur WordPress Community will grow eventually.


Now let me explain you what happened in the meetup today.



Firstly, we all introduced ourselves, who we are, what is our age, our expectations towards this meetup, and how do they came to know about the meetup. Most of us were already WordPress Bloggers, The age varied from 15-40 years, And many of them were active WordPress Meetup Group.


Kanpur WordPress Meetup

Kanpur, IN
608 WordPress Enthusiasts

A meetup group for people interested in the amazing blogging platform, which we call WordPress. If you are interested then join us, and don’t forget to join our Slack channel …

Next Meetup

WP-CLI: The command line interface for WordPress

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017, 5:00 PM
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Opportunities In Development for WordPress (Themes and Plugins).

We discussed opportunities in Themes and Plugins Development like why develop themes, Why Plugin Developing Plugins is More Better Than Developing themes. How can we Monetize by developing such things and future opportunities for the developers.


Discussion on Logo for Kanpur Meetup Group.

We discussed several ideas for the topic, “What Should Be The Logo of Kanpur WordPress Meetup Community ?” The Most relevant idea came to our mind (and what everyone agreed upon) was “Laal Imli” – one of the famous places Kanpur is known for. If you want to suggest anything, drop it in the comment section below. 🙂


SEO Basics and Practices.

This session was held by Mr. Vinay Kumar Katiyar and was then continued by Mr. Ravi Ahuja. We learnt a lot of things related to SEO Practices and trends.



We concluded the Meetup by discussing about the Agenda for the next Meetup and it’s venue. The Next Meetup is probably on 12th November, 2016 on the Translation Day. The Venue isn’t decided yet but possibly at Mr. Abdul’s Office (We’ll Surely Update about this on Meetup). So feel free to join us. 🙂


People Present in the first meetup :


Abdul Qabiz

Abhishek Tiwari

Hardeep Asrani (Organizer, But Not Present. Top Secret : He is Batman, Saving The World)

Jaibir Singh

Jim Motwani

Jitendra Singh

Raj Kumar Maurya

Ravi Ahuja

Rishabh Verma

Rohit Motwani (me, co-organizer :p)

Suyogya Shukla (co-organizer)

Vashishtha Kapoor


We are expecting more number of people in this community. Feel free to join us.


Some Snapshots (Sorry for the poor quality).

img_20161101_175023440_hdr  img_20161101_175027560  img_20161101_175053854img_20161101_175031667  img_20161101_175038203  img_20161101_183742517  img_20161101_190951129