Web Coding is Music. It’s an art. Like any other art, It has it ways, its pattern.
Every Component needs to work with each other melodiously. Now while we are comparing it to the music, it is, without a doubt, one of the greatest genre all around the world. Everyone loves it. Many are addicted to it. And it is true : “Music is Life. Music is Love.”

Starting out with the process of writing a song, web coding is similar. You start of with writing the lyrics. In webdev process, HTML is the lyrics. The song is incomplete without it. (I know many of you will say there are many instrumental songs out there, but aren’t you forgetting I told webdev is an amazing genre ? it is incomplete without its lyrics).
With great lyrics comes great tune. The tune here we are reffering to here is CSS. It’s the style. The overall Song is awesome with a great tune. Now comes the beats, the cue, and the drop, the way the ultimate
stanza enters. This is what JavaScript does. Bringing the dyanamic taste to the art.
Now there are many instruments out there. Instrument you’ll never stop counting like the guitar, the keyboard, the flute.
Everyone has its own significance. Every instrument works good. Here, the instruments are PHP, R, Java, Python, etc. these are the remarkable istruments of the studio of world wide web.
Don’t think of coding as set of lines on that black backgroud terminal where everything is just the way it is. It’s not just that. Coding is an art, the mesmerizing art of this universe. Wonders happen everyday. Don’t fear dwelling into it. You never know how the song is until you listen to it. It doesn’t matter who you are, all that matters is that you taste this delicacy. When you do that, there’s never going back.

Good luck. Happy Coding.

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