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What Exactly is Hosting and Domain Name ?

Hello everyone, I just had an idea to compare Hosting & Domain  name with real life things. It’s for those people who have difficulty understanding these terms.
Coming on to Hosting, it can be compared to a piece of land. Yes, exactly, a plot basically. Where you can do anything. The essential thing you need to build a home, apartment, shopping mall, hospital, etc. You need a land to build it. That is similar to what Hosting is. It lets you organize all your files of wether your personal homepage or your shopping website or a social networking website, etc. You need to buy a land from its owner. In case of hosting, you need to rent it from server owners (let’s accept the fact either you build your own server, which will cost you a fortune, or rent someone else’s storage space). You can build anything you want according to given space.
Now you need an address. An address for a building, be it a hospital, shopping mall, your house, etc. Similarly that website of yours, needs an address. That address can be compared to Domain Name of the Website. For example, you might ask your cab driver to take you at a particular hospital. Same way, your browser takes you to particular website by just telling the address.

It’s a computer world, so everything is relative. If you change your Hosting/Server, your Domain name will point it accordingly.
Well that’s just comparison and not the exact philosophy of Domain Names and Hosting. But I guess you guys have got an idea what exactly these terms are.
I wish you all Happy Coding.
In my previous blog post, I explained how can coding ever be compared to music.

Thank you.

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Web Coding is Music

Web Coding is Music. It’s an art. Like any other art, It has it ways, its pattern.
Every Component needs to work with each other melodiously. Now while we are comparing it to the music, it is, without a doubt, one of the greatest genre all around the world. Everyone loves it. Many are addicted to it. And it is true : “Music is Life. Music is Love.”

Starting out with the process of writing a song, web coding is similar. You start of with writing the lyrics. In webdev process, HTML is the lyrics. The song is incomplete without it. (I know many of you will say there are many instrumental songs out there, but aren’t you forgetting I told webdev is an amazing genre ? it is incomplete without its lyrics).
With great lyrics comes great tune. The tune here we are reffering to here is CSS. It’s the style. The overall Song is awesome with a great tune. Now comes the beats, the cue, and the drop, the way the ultimate
stanza enters. This is what JavaScript does. Bringing the dyanamic taste to the art.
Now there are many instruments out there. Instrument you’ll never stop counting like the guitar, the keyboard, the flute.
Everyone has its own significance. Every instrument works good. Here, the instruments are PHP, R, Java, Python, etc. these are the remarkable istruments of the studio of world wide web.
Don’t think of coding as set of lines on that black backgroud terminal where everything is just the way it is. It’s not just that. Coding is an art, the mesmerizing art of this universe. Wonders happen everyday. Don’t fear dwelling into it. You never know how the song is until you listen to it. It doesn’t matter who you are, all that matters is that you taste this delicacy. When you do that, there’s never going back.

Good luck. Happy Coding.

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First WordPress Kanpur Meetup

So, we had our first ever WordPress Meetup in Kanpur at My Apartment. Well, it was fun. There were few people who attended it but yes, it was the first meetup and I see much energy and potential in the community and I believe the Kanpur WordPress Community will grow eventually.


Now let me explain you what happened in the meetup today.



Firstly, we all introduced ourselves, who we are, what is our age, our expectations towards this meetup, and how do they came to know about the meetup. Most of us were already WordPress Bloggers, The age varied from 15-40 years, And many of them were active WordPress Meetup Group.


Kanpur WordPress Meetup

Kanpur, IN
608 WordPress Enthusiasts

A meetup group for people interested in the amazing blogging platform, which we call WordPress. If you are interested then join us, and don’t forget to join our Slack channel …

Next Meetup

WP-CLI: The command line interface for WordPress

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017, 5:00 PM
22 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →


Opportunities In Development for WordPress (Themes and Plugins).

We discussed opportunities in Themes and Plugins Development like why develop themes, Why Plugin Developing Plugins is More Better Than Developing themes. How can we Monetize by developing such things and future opportunities for the developers.


Discussion on Logo for Kanpur Meetup Group.

We discussed several ideas for the topic, “What Should Be The Logo of Kanpur WordPress Meetup Community ?” The Most relevant idea came to our mind (and what everyone agreed upon) was “Laal Imli” – one of the famous places Kanpur is known for. If you want to suggest anything, drop it in the comment section below. 🙂


SEO Basics and Practices.

This session was held by Mr. Vinay Kumar Katiyar and was then continued by Mr. Ravi Ahuja. We learnt a lot of things related to SEO Practices and trends.



We concluded the Meetup by discussing about the Agenda for the next Meetup and it’s venue. The Next Meetup is probably on 12th November, 2016 on the Translation Day. The Venue isn’t decided yet but possibly at Mr. Abdul’s Office (We’ll Surely Update about this on Meetup). So feel free to join us. 🙂


People Present in the first meetup :


Abdul Qabiz

Abhishek Tiwari

Hardeep Asrani (Organizer, But Not Present. Top Secret : He is Batman, Saving The World)

Jaibir Singh

Jim Motwani

Jitendra Singh

Raj Kumar Maurya

Ravi Ahuja

Rishabh Verma

Rohit Motwani (me, co-organizer :p)

Suyogya Shukla (co-organizer)

Vashishtha Kapoor


We are expecting more number of people in this community. Feel free to join us.


Some Snapshots (Sorry for the poor quality).

img_20161101_175023440_hdr  img_20161101_175027560  img_20161101_175053854img_20161101_175031667  img_20161101_175038203  img_20161101_183742517  img_20161101_190951129

Update No. N+1

So, I’ve been competing in Codechef’s September 2016 programming challenge. Actually I have just started with the Competitive Coding. Good thing I solved 3 questions successfully (after 2-3 attempts :p ).

Now I’m stucked with a problem from past four days. Rest of the problems are out of my league :p. Well this problem is DIVMAC and it seems very simple at first. Anyone with intermediate knowledge of coding can code it using the Naive Approach. It’ll definitely work on your IDE (I’m using Code::Blocks in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ) if your code is correct. But there’s a poop known as Constraints(Time Limits, variable limits and hidden test cases). Your solution won’t be accepted when you use the Naive Approach. It showed TLE (Time Limit Exceed) error.

After a Little research and consulting my friends I came to know about an Algorithm : Sieve of Eratosthenes. This algorithm basically generates an array of Prime Numbers with complexity of O(log n). That’s okay. I used it in my code, submitted my code, and again TLE !! I then thought of more ideas. But I’m just a beginner so I’ll learn more about optimization and implementation of algorithms.

Update 1 :

The approach I tried earlier was partially correct. But yesterday I came to know about the Data Structure named Segment Trees or SegTrees on which this problem is based upon.

This Data Structure uses a Tree in form of a single dimension array. It uses two operations update and query. This algorithm apply these operations in a given segment (Left L to Right R) of an Array.

Normally these operations can be done using brute force but it will take the complexity of O(n). By this Algorithm it will implement the tree and it’s complexity will result to O(log n)

Will study more about it and it’s implementation and fill solve it. I will also try to post the solutions after the contest. Till then, to practice the SegTrees, you can solve SPOJ’s GSS1 and GSS3 problem.

Defeat Defeat

What is defeat? What does it mean to be defeated? Is it losing and failing? Defeat is that doubt in your head, the demon that feeds in your fear, it tells you you’re not good enough, that you can’t do it, that it’s not possible. Succumbing to that demon, that thought, that… is defeat. So it’s just an idea that I fear.

When I’m scared of a challenge, defeat isn’t even a real thing, it’s just an illusion. It’s that monster inside my head, that keeps me where I am, who wants to keep me in my comfort zone, but victory never happens in that comfort zone, you have to get out . The pain in your body that’s the demon, orders you to give up, enough it says, no more. All I have is my spirit, and that’s my fuel to push myself beyond that limit of pain.
I must step out of my comfort zone. Uncomfortable is my new friend. I find my heart to fight with my mind. I will not be afraid, because I will never give up. Before I climb the Everest, I have to conquer the mountain inside my head. Before I can make something in me, I must kill that demon of doubt. I have to forget what failure means, before I can give victory a shot.
I have to defeat, defeat.
-Adapted from Hritik Roshan’s HRX short film commercial.