Presentation Guidelines

ORAL Presentation

Please note that the time allocated to invited speakers is 30 minutes and to oral presenters is 15 minutes, including questions and discussion. Conference rooms will be equipped with the following facilities:


A computer running WINDOWS 7 Professional operating system, with MS Office 2007, Acrobat Reader 9.0.
An LCD video projector  
We recommend that the presenter bring his/her presentation file in PPT/PDF format, and store it in a CD-ROM or a USB thumb drive (flash disk). Alternatively, he/she can use his/her own notebook. If you choose to use your own notebook, we recommend that you bring a backup copy of the presentation in a CD-ROM or a USB thumb drive.  

Poster Presentation
Poster Board

You will be provided with a poster board to mount/display your poster. The maximum dimensions for your poster are detailed below. The posters should be in Portrait format. Your session code will be indicated on the board. Please note that the width of the poster board may not be exceeded under any circumstances. You will be provided with the materials to mount your poster
Poster Size - H x W: 110 cm x 75 cm